Jonathan M Clark


The Ethos


Capable, charismatic and eloquent.

I seek to bear the maximum amount of responsibility that I can reliably carry. I love to learn and I love to read. I like to take advantage of free (or low cost) online educational resources. I'm an avid do-it-yourselfer, continually looking to increase my capabilities, continue my education and teach myself new things. I like to build things. I especially love to work with processes and complex systems. I love problem solving, engineering, critical/analytical thinking and working with abstract ideas. I love to understand how things work. I like achieving difficult things. I frame the problems that I face at work and in life as a series of challenges to overcome. I find that aimimg myself directly at such challenges and tackling them head on tends to be an effective method to produce great results. I love being productive with my time and efforts. I take pride in a job well done.

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The Activities


Pilot, Parachute Rigger, Math Wiz, Coder and Master of Organization.

Among other things, I'm a parachute rigger, a highly capable customer service guru, a point-of-sale wizard, an airplane pilot, a newsletter editor and a webmaster. I have experience stretching barbed-wire fences and operating farm equipment. I've skydived a few hundred times. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Western Washington University. I kept honeybees for more than a decade. More recently, I've started exploring the world of coding and website design. I'm interested in expanding my mathematical knowledge. I find STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) topics fascinating. It would likely come as no surprise that I am also intrigued by the subjects of aerospace, chemical engineering, process automation technologies, information technology, finance, business admin and operations management. The shelves in my study are thoughtfully filled with books covering a wide variety of fields.


The Fitness and Recreational Interests


I aim to be a physically robust, athletic individual.

Having an active lifestyle is important to me. I love cold weather. My recreational interests include reading books, flying airplanes, skydiving, hiking in the great outdoors, cycling, kayaking, beekeeping, photography, and mind puzzles of all sorts.


The Invitation for Dialogue


Let's talk.

I am a proponent of free speech. The sentiment in the statement "I may disagree with what you say, but I will energetically defend your right to say it." resonates with me. I want to see more dialogue and rational debate between people with different viewpoints. The pen IS mightier than the sword.

I am looking to connect with people who have similar interests and to engage in lively, civil debates with those of differing viewpoints.

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Problem Solver




Graphic Designer


Parachute Rigger


U.S. Citizen


Math Enthusiast


Culinary Adventurer



Curriculum Vitae

Current Activities

iFLY Seattle

Shift Manager / CSR

iFLY SeattleNew Tab

I solve problems to keep daily operations running. I'm involved in IT projects. I've written SOPs and built onesheet references. I build long-term customer relationships and launch new initiatives. I manage the Flight School and Adult Leagues programs. I handle customer complaints and issues. Most importantly, however, I sell people on the dream of flight.

Para-Phernalia, Inc.

Senior Parachute Rigger

Para-Phernalia (Softie Parachutes)New Tab

I professionaly manufacture, pack, repair and maintain high-quality emergency parachute systems. I am a highly skilled industrial sewing machine operator. I have manufactured hundreds of parachute systems over the years. I can flatwork, tape, bartack, set grommets and assemble harnesses with the best of them. I am an FAA certified Senior Parachute Rigger with both Back and Seat type ratings. Also, I built the current website (launched June 2020).

ACS Puget Sound Section

Newsletter Editor and Webmaster

ACS Puget Sound Local SectionNew Tab

I'm currently the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster for the Puget Sound Section of the American Chemical Society. I am a voting member of the ACS PSS Executive Committee and I'm the chair of the Communications Committee.

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Technical Skills

Skills Icon

Chemistry and Math Skills


IMGMassing samples

IMGMixing standard solutions

IMGVarious Instruments (HPLC, UV-Vis, NMR, etc.)

IMGMore to be added later...





IMGLimited knowledge: Statistics

IMGLimited knowledge: Linear Algebra

Skills Icon

Computer Skills

IMGWebsite content development and management

IMGCoding: HTML and CSS

IMGProgramming: Starting PHP, SQL and JAVA...

IMGPoint of Sale (POS) operation, reporting and system manager expert

IMGFamiliar with Windows OS; starting to learn Linux via Rasp Pi projects

IMGCapable with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, etc.)

IMGTechnical writing skills (Including SOPs, policy manuals, instructional manuals, posters, flyers, newsletters, etc.)

IMGGraphic design skills

Skills Icon

Trade Skills

IMGHighly skilled industrial sewing machine operator

IMGOperator: Dozer, farm tractor, excavator, backhoe, roto-tiller, small aviation tug, etc.

IMGShop Tools: Table saw, band saw, drill, drill-press, hammer, grinder, chainsaw, arc welder, soldering tools, etc.

IMGAuto Mechanic Skills: I do the vast majority of the work on my truck and motorcycle including oil changes, clutch replacement, timing belt replacements, head gaskets, tire rotations, etc.

Soft Skills

Skills Icon

Leadership and Operations Management

IMGHighly organized

IMGExcellent prioritization ability

IMGExcellent time management skills

IMGSolid project management skills

IMGExceptional communication skills

IMGI place a high value on clear communication channels

IMGWilling to travel

IMGThrives in a team environment



IMGStrong, objective reasoning skills

Skills Icon


IMGI bring a forward-moving enthusiasm and focus to the team that is contagious.

IMGFriendly, animated, energetic, and confident.

IMGI place a high value on honesty.

IMGFlexible and adaptable.

IMGConflict resolution skills.

IMGExcellent listener.

IMGDangerously articulate.

Skills Icon

Work Ethic

IMGReliable and dependable

IMGResponsible and conscientious

IMGAttentive to detail, but able to appreciate the big picture.

IMGI work hard, but I also work smart; ever looking for better ways of doing things.

IMGI constantly seek to excel at what I do.

IMGI actively seek out ways to increase my involvement and capabilities within the organizations that I join.

Academic Degrees, Licenses, Awards, Memberships and Certifications

Bachelors of Science in Chemistry

Bachelors of Science in Chemistry

Western Washington University | March 2010

Minor in Spanish

Associates of Science in Chemistry

Associates of Science in Chemistry

Everett Community College| June 2007

Cessna 150

FAA Certified Private Pilot

Airplane Single Engine Land

Cert Icon

Drivers License

Motorcyle Endorsement

Cert Icon

WA State Food Worker Card

Skydiving KSHN 2017-09-13

USPA C-License

First jump Feb 2006 | 304 skydives

Parachute Rigger Badge

FAA Certified Senior Parachute Rigger

Back & Seat Type Rated

ACS Logo

American Chemical Society Member

Active Volunteer

Cert Icon

ACS Leadership Courses

13 completed

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