Jonathan M Clark

I value capabilities, accomplishments, achievements, honesty and trustworthiness. I take pride in a job well done. I create, design, build and put things into motion by means of gaining and applying knowledge and skills. I aim to be a gentleman and a scholar...and an engineer...and dangerously articulate...and an adventure seeker...and a physically robust, athletic individual...and a lover of books, good company and active schedules. I find math, science, technology and engineering fascinating. Aerospace topics interests me, including rocket propulsion, orbital mechanics and manufacturing technologies. Other fields of interest include chemical engineering, process automation, information technology, finance, business admin and operations management.

I'm a skydiver. For those unfamiliar with real skydiving, that means that I'm a safety-conscious, calculated-risk taker who knows my equipment, my abilities and takes the first step quite seriously. Skydiving is serious fun; not for the faint of heart. I play hard and work harder. I play to win. Fitness is important to me. My recreational interests include reading books, flying my airplane, hiking in the Cascade Mountains, cycling, kayaking, beekeeping, mind puzzles and photography. I am looking to connect with people who have similar interests and to engage in lively, civil debates with those of differing viewpoints.

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Curriculum Vitae

Current Activities

iFLY Activities Image

iFLY Seattle | Shift Supervisor

iFLY SeattleNew Tab

I oversee daily operations. I'm involved in IT projects. I design and write SOPs and build onesheet references. I build long-term customer relationships. I launch new initiatives. I develop technologies to keep things organized. I manage the Flight School and Adult Leagues programs. I handle customer complaints and issues. I sell people on the dream of flight.

PPI Activities Image

Para-Phernalia, Inc. | Senior Parachute Rigger

Para-Phernalia (Softie Parachutes)New Tab

I professionaly manufacture, pack, repair and maintain high-quality emergency parachute systems. I am a highly skilled industrial sewing machine operator. I have manufactured hundreds of parachute systems over the years. I can flatwork, tape, bartack, set grommets and assemble harnesses with the best of them. I am an FAA certified Senior Parachute Rigger with both Back and Seat type ratings. Also, I built the current website (launched June 2020).

ACS Activities Image

ACS PSS | Newsletter Editor and Webmaster

ACS Puget Sound Local SectionNew Tab

I'm currently the newsletter editor and the webmaster for the Puget Sound Section of the American Chemical Society. I am a voting member of the ACS PSS Executive Committee and I'm the chair of the Communications Committee.

Newsletters that I have assembled can be viewed here New Tab or here.New Tab

Read an article that mentions my work on the ACS PSS Website here.New Tab

Technical Skills

Skills Icon

Chemistry Lab Skills


IMGMassing samples

IMGMixing standard solutions

IMGVarious Instruments (HPLC, UV-Vis, NMR, etc.)

IMGI'll add other skills later...

Skills Icon

Math Skills




IMGGeometry & Trigonometry


IMGHandling significant figures

IMGUnit conversions

Limited Expertise

IMGApplied statistics

IMGLinear Algebra

Skills Icon

Computer Skills

IMGFamiliar with Windows OS; starting to learn Linux via Rasp Pi projects

IMGCapable with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, etc.)

IMGGraphic design skills

IMGCoding: HTML and CSS

IMGProgramming: Starting JAVA and PYTHON, Some JavaScript

IMGPoint of Sale (POS) operation, reporting and system manager expert

Skills Icon

Technical Writing


IMGPolicy manuals

IMGInstructional manuals

IMGPosters, flyers, etc.

IMGNewsletter editing

IMGWebsite content development and management

Skills Icon

Trade Skills

IMGHighly skilled industrial sewing machine operator

IMGOperator: Dozer, farm tractor, excavator, backhoe, roto-tiller, small aviation tug, etc.

IMGShop Tools: Table saw, band saw, drill, drill-press, hammer, grinder, chainsaw, arc welder, soldering tools, etc.

IMGAuto Mechanic Skills: I do the vast majority of the work on my truck and motorcycle including oil changes, clutch replacement, timing belt replacements, tire rotations, etc.

Soft Skills

Skills Icon

Leadership and Operations Management

IMGProject Management

IMGExcellent prioritization ability / big picture focused

IMGExceptional communication skills (eloquence, clarity, articulate, etc.)

IMGHighly organized

IMGWilling to travel

IMGThrives in a team environment

IMGTime management skills

Skills Icon

Critical Thinking

IMGI love problem solving, critical/analytical thinking and working with abstract ideas.



IMGStrong, objective reasoning skills

Skills Icon


IMGI bring an enthusiasm and focus to the team that is contagious.

IMGI am friendly, animated, energetic, honest, and confident.

IMGI value integrity.

IMGProud to be flexible, adaptable and impartial/non-prejudiced against anyone based on superficial identity traits.

IMGConflict resolution skills.

IMGExcellent listener.

Skills Icon

Work Ethic

IMGReliable, dependable, responsible and concientious.

IMGDetail oriented / Attentive to details

IMGHard worker

IMGSmart worker

IMGI consistently arrive to work early.

IMGI actively seek out ways to increase my activity level, involvement, responsability and commitment to the organizations that I join. I volunteer for difficult tasks as I look to increase my capabilities.

IMGI seek out ways to make life and work easier for those I interact with through automation of tasks, the development of clear communication channels and other efforts. I stand for the ethical treatment of business owners, employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Skills Icon



Native speaker

IMGSpanish (español)

Limited working proficiency

IMGOther Languages


Academic Degrees, Licenses, Awards, Memberships and Certifications

Bachelors of Science in Chemistry

Bachelors of Science in Chemistry

Western Washington University | March 2010

Minor in Spanish

Associates of Science in Chemistry

Associates of Science in Chemistry

Everett Community College| June 2007

Cessna 150

FAA Certified Private Pilot

Airplane Single Engine Land

Cert Icon

Drivers License

Motorcyle Endorsement

Cert Icon

WA State Food Worker Card

Skydiving KSHN 2017-09-13

USPA C-License

First jump Feb 2006 | 304 skydives

Parachute Rigger Badge

FAA Certified Senior Parachute Rigger

Back & Seat Type Rated

ACS Logo

American Chemical Society Member

Active Volunteer

Cert Icon

ACS Leadership Courses

13 completed

Learn more about my professional history

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Interests & Favorites

My primary unranked interests include:

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics topics, Aviation, Web Design, Coding/Programming/System Automation, Hiking, Reading Books and Physical Fitness.

Being Physically Fit & Physically Strong

I eat appropriate amounts of healthy food. I avoid and reject junk food. I value sleeping soundly and getting up early at a regular time. I love to stay active, keep moving, maintain proper posture and exercise regularly.

Some Favorites of Mine