Coding and Programming



HTML and CSS are the bread and butter of websites. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) includes content and structural information for internet browsers about a webpage. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) includes styling details for the same. Javascript fits in here where it can provide client-side scripting services, though I've not delved deep into it yet.


PHP stands for the recursive name 'PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor' and is used to create dynamic content for websites. Unlike Javascript, PHP runs server-side and this makes it suitable to enable a whole host of things that client-side scripting can't touch. One of the main advantages to server-side scripting is the ability to interact with databases via SQL (Structured Query Language).

Website Content Management

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My website is a mix between a statement of who I am, a self-authoring project for who I want to become and a platform on which for me to learn coding and programming. First published in April 2020.

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I tidied up and organized the website content for Para-Phernalia, Inc so that the scope of products and options available could be easily visualized. My contributions were first published in June 2020.

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I've been the webmaster for the ACS Puget Sound Section website since January 2015. I did the majority of the work in reorganizing the content on the new website when we transitioned to hosting on the ACS Network in July 2019. The more recent change has put a pause on things, so stay tuned for updates!