Jonathan M Clark

I am a process developer. My academic background is in chemistry, but recently I've taken an interest in web design. I continue to focus on developing my leadership skills. I love working in fast-paced, dynamic environments that involve strategy, contingency management and the building of information or procedural systems. That is, I love the concept (and the actual boots-on-the-ground activities) of developing and maturing a system or process.

I find math and science fascinating. Aerospace interests me as well; rocket propulsion, orbital mechanics, automated manufacturing technologies, etc. Other fields of interest include information technology, finance, business admin and operations management. I'm a skydiver. I'm a safety-conscious, calculated-risk taker. I play hard and work harder. I play to win. Fitness is important to me. My recreational interests span the range from reading books to flying my airplane. The 'everything in between' includes hiking in the Cascade Mountains, cycling, kayaking, beekeeping, mind puzzles and photography. I am looking to connect with people who have similar interests.

Major Achievements

Bachelors of Science in Chemistry

Bachelors of Science in Chemistry

Western Washington University | March 2010

Skydiving KSHN 2017-09-13


USPA C-license & 304 skydives

Cessna 150

Airplane Owner & FAA Certified Private Pilot

ASEL | 134 hours

Associates of Science in Chemistry

Associates of Science in Chemistry

Everett Community College| June 2007

Parachute Rigger Badge

FAA Certified Senior Parachute Rigger

Back & Seat Type Rated

Newsletter Collage

Newsletter Editor

American Chemical Society Puget Sound Section

Webmaster Logo


American Chemical Society Puget Sound Section

Curriculum Vitae

Current Activities

iFLY Seattle | Shift Supervisor

I oversee daily operations. I'm involved in IT projects. I design and write SOPs and build onesheet references. I build long-term customer relationships. I launch new initiatives.

Para-Phernalia, Inc. | Senior Parachute Rigger

I professionaly manufacture, pack, repair and maintain high-quality emergency parachute systems. I am a highly skilled industrial sewing machine operator. I have manufactured hundreds of parachute systems over the years. I can flatwork, tape, bartack, set grommets and assemble harnesses with the best of them. I am an FAA certified Senior Parachute Rigger with both Back and Seat type ratings.

ACS PSS | Newsletter Editor and Webmaster

I'm currently the newsletter editor and the webmaster for the Puget Sound Section of the American Chemical Society.

The ACS PSS website can be viewed here.New Tab

Newsletters that I have assembled can be viewed here.New Tab

Technical Skills

Chemistry Lab Skills

Math Skills

Organizational Skills

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher

Arc welding

Dozer, tractor, excavator operator.

Chainsaw operator

Table saws, drills, hammers, etc.


Soft Skills



Comunication (eloquence, clarity, etc.)

I love critical and analytical thinking.

I love problem solving and working with abstract ideas.

Friendly, animated, energetic


Learn more about my professional history

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STEM | Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics


Web Design and Coding



Being Physically Fit

I eat appropriate amounts of healthy food. I avoid junk food. I value sleeping soundly and getting up early. I love to stay active, maintain proper posture and exercise regularly.

Dressing to match the part.

The clothes make the man.

Favorites | Comics, Etc.

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Where I'm Headed

I'm starting my own side business as a freelance web developer! I'm building out my portfolio. I am eager to expand my skills and reputation and am offering FREE web design services for small businesses. If you are interested, please send me a messageNew Tab.