Web Design Services


I am looking to build my porfolio and am offering my services at no charge.

I am especially interested in helping out small businesses and individuals during the #StayHomeStayHealthy timeframe.

Please send me a quick message using this contact form.

Completed Projects

This Website | jonathanmclark.com

I coded this entire website from scratch and learned about coding in HTML & CSS along the way.

ACS PSS Website | acs.org/pugetsoundNew Tab

I've been the webmaster for the ACS PSS website since January 2015. I did the majority of the work in building the new website when we transitioned to hosting on the ACS Network in July 2019.

Example Projects

Basic HTML & CSS Examples

HTML Document Structure

HTML Tags and CSS Notation

CSS Grid

More Advanced HTML Documents

Login Form

File upload box

CSS Animations

Various Navbars

Simple Website

WordPress Themes

HTML & CSS reference lists

HTML Library

CSS Library